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Landfill Site Description and History


Landfill #: 1



Landfill #1 is located approximately 500 feet southeast of the intersection of Waters and Armenia Avenues (Figures 1-1 , 1-2 and 1-3). The landfill study area includes the small shopping center situated along Waters Avenue to the north and extends from the east side of the Famous Tate appliance showroom on the west to Saulray Street to the east. The southern boundary of the Study Area is the northern lot lines of the residences located along Juneau Street. The landowners in the immediate vicinity of Landfill #1 are listed in the table accompanying the Site Plan (Figure 1-4). The actual extent of the landfill is approximately shown on Figure 1-4.

A March 31, 1964 letter (Attachment 1) from Mr. Carey of the Lake Forest Corporation to Mr. Fernandez, City of Tampa Department of Sanitation requested the City to fill the northern 150 feet of Block 4 of the Mitchell Park Subdivision (Figure 1-4) with trash (no garbage).

According to Mr. John Horst, the owner of Famous Tate Appliances, a second land fill occupied a natural depression located east of the original Famous Tate showroom and warehouse (Attachment 2 and Photograph 1). Cone Brothers Construction Company owned the property prior to purchase by Famous Tate.

Mr. Horst reported that all the landfill debris at the site of the warehouse expansion and parking lot was removed in 1982. Mr. Horst described the debris as consisting of concrete debris, tree stumps, vegetation, and some rubber tires (Photographs 2 - 5 , 6 - 9 , 10). He did not recall any household garbage, paint cans, drums or other rubbish. Mr. Horst reports that all the debris was removed down to clean, native soil, and was replaced with sand fill.

Photograph 11 shows that the landfill debris placed in the northern 150 feet of Block 4 was removed at the same time. This excavation appears to have been backfilled with sand prior to constructing stores as part of the strip mall.

No landfill debris was reportedly encountered under the office building located at the eastern end of the Study Area (Photograph 12).