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The site reconnaissance revealed that the former landfill area is almost entirely covered with buildings and pavement (Photographs 1 and 2). There is one stormwater detention pond located to the southeast of the site (Photograph 3), and a second detention pond located to the south of the Famous Tate warehouse (Photograph 4). Although some debris (foam cups, plastic bags, soda bottles, etc.) was seen around the ponds and the buildings, it appears to be recent and is not related to the former landfill.

There is a strip mall to the north of the landfill area. No debris was encountered in front of (Photograph 5) or behind (Photographs 6 and 7) the stores. According to Mr. Horst, the strip mall is not located on the former landfill material.

1. View to west from northeast entrance to property from Saulray Street, showing driveway, parking lot and north side of Famous Tate warehouse

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2. View to west from near southeast entrance showing south side of Famous Tate warehouse

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3. View to southwest showing detention pond at the southeast corner of site.

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4. View to west showing detention pond south of Famous Tate warehouse

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5. View to east showing front of strip mall and Waters Avenue

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6. View to west showing western end of driveway separating Famous Tate parking area and south side of strip mall

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7. View to east showing eastern end of driveway separating Famous Tate parking area

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