wpeA.jpg (2662 bytes)David L. Tarbox, P.G., P.H.G., is a Senior Professional Geologist with HSA and offers more than 25 years experience in contamination assessment and remediation, water resource development and protection, and geotechnical investigations. Tarbox is a Registered Professional Geologist in Florida and South Carolina. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Colorado College and a Master’s of Science degree from Cornell. Tarbox has been a Senior Hydrogeologist/Project Manager with several national environmental consulting firms. He worked in the Bahamas with a water resource development company and he was president of his own consulting firm for 13 years. Tarbox is an expert in soil and groundwater contamination assessments and in the development and protection of water supplies in island and coastal limestone terrain that is subject to saltwater intrusion and fractured bedrock terrain’s. He is experienced in aerial photographic interpretation, the application of appropriate technology for domestic wastewater disposal, and conducting geologic investigations for construction planning and cost estimating. Tarbox has made numerous presentations to professional audiences on these topics. He is a member of the International Association of Hydrologists and the American Institute of Geologists. The American Institute of Hydrology certifies him as a Professional Geologist.

E-mail: dtarbox@hsa-env.com

Resume of David L. Tarbox, P.G., P.H.G.